Reading: Google Docs, Fulwiler and Middleton

Response:  How does revising change with multimodal composing?

Composing itself changes. If I intend to tell a story using four modes, for example, alphabetic text, still pictures, moving pictures, and sound, my process is to “write” the story four ways independent of each other, once using each mode. This approach maximizes creative freedom and keeps the huge amount of digital data I create manageable. When I begin multimodal composing, I lead the story using whichever mode worked best for what I had in mind. “Writing” is then guided by whichever composition software I choose.

This process-driven approach is creative. But four-input multimodal composition is also highly technical. Software constrains thinking, and decisions must be made within the context of whichever composition tool I use. Data management is maddeningly tedious. The composing process is incredibly time-consuming. But, the result may be something worthwhile.

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