Read and View: Google Docs, DeVoss; Videos from Kairos article; Writer/Designer, Ch2

Response: How do these videos fit expectations of academic composing?

I imagine all do to some extent, since technology is now an integral part of the composing process, but four of the writers seemed most connected to using the traditional writing process as I understand it:

In “Composing Spaces,” Michelle Day creates a measure of relief from mental chaos by creating a composed consistent workplace wherever she writes.

In “A Writing Session,” Layne M. P. Gordon sets up spaces both on and off the computer where she can compose; and she makes a point of focusing off the act of writing to allow the composing process to continue in her head.

In “Writing:,” Ashanka Kumari works exclusively on her computer moving between workspaces, research spaces, and whatever other spaces she needs for her composing process, Everything is accessible to her through screens. Her process is traditional; her tools are modern.

Caitlin E. Ray’s script for “Embodied Composing in ‘Crip Time’: An Exploration” is a beautifully written traditional piece of writing, translated to video without losing the power of words. Simple. Memorable.

Rick Wysocki’s “Composing in Three Dimensions” struck me as entirely outside the range of traditional composing by a writer. Maybe traditional composing by a sculptor using technology? When a writer’s “composition” is a 3-D object constructed using a single medium, and that object is making the writer’s statement, it seems too far removed from the writer’s voice. IMHO.

I came away from Rick’s video with a short list of keywords to research: “composer technology,” “creative commons,” and “thingaverse.” I’m scratching my head on this one.




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