What is multimodal writing? Why do it?

I hope to answer these questions in great detail while attending a graduate level course, “Teaching Multimodal Writing in a Digital Age,” taught by Dr. Cruz Medina at Middlebury College, Bread Loaf School of English, Santa Fe Campus, St. John’s College, Santa Fe, NM,  from June 20, 2018 through July 25, 2018.

Dr. Medina’s’s course description, as published in the 2018 Bread Loaf School of English Course Catalog, reads as follows:

Teaching Multimodal Writing in a Digital Age
C. Medina/M, W 9–11:45
This course looks at how we can think about teaching writing with technologies so that it is more in line with digital literacies used to compose in online spaces. Once we recognize how our beliefs about writing align with histories and traditions of teaching writing with technology, we can articulate and (re)mediate these teaching philosophies across multiple digital genres. Reflecting metacognitively on our own design and translation choices across media will provide opportunities to consider what makes “good” writing and how these criteria can be effectively evaluated and assessed.

Texts: Jason Palmeri, Remixing Composition: A History of Multimodal Writing Pedagogy (Southern Illinois); Kristin L. Arola, Jennifer Sheppard, Cheryl E. Ball, Writer/Designer: A Guide to Making Multimodal Projects (Bedford/St. Martin’s).

This site will feature my responses to all assignments listed in Dr. Medina’s’s syllabus, with embedded links to additional information as needed.

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